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Microsoft’s platform vs. Macintosh
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It is rather difficult to write a comparative study about these two „companies“. Even when exploring the internet for necessary information about them, one may see that it is easier to find some about Microsoft – that is basically mentioned everywhere – than about the Macintosh one.
The competition, if one may call it this way, begun in the 80s and at the beginning of 90s years. There existed many platforms in that time and after some time one begun to be dominant – PC platform. Almost every user nowadays uses it. Along with this platform survived just one small – Macintosh.
To start with, I would like to mention that Microsoft, as such, is cheaper, while Macintosh is according to me more friendly-user and use mainly graphical icons. But this fact probably counts mainly to us, “tasteful” girls… Between most common facts is that more people use Microsoft computers than Macintosh, I mean in everyday life. Microsoft is more versatile than Macintosh is. It is general accepted truth that Microsoft released more software than Macintosh did and surfing the net you will probably find just the same. After clicking to some web sites offering software downloads, there is always twice, or three times more software for Microsoft than there has ever been for Macintosh. The situation is similar even with hardware. Microsoft is acceptable almost everywhere and there is more than one company that offers hardware for Microsoft and thus those companies are competing with each other and a result is the best quality and price, while Macintosh has exclusive rights to do so. Just recently I have read in Profit about Macintosh computers. It concerns their hardware and many opinions on it. Macintosh is using the processors made by Motorola. But just because Motorola is a producer mainly for mobile phones, their main interest and competing market is that of mobile phones and not the one for Macintosh. So when it concerns development they are developing mainly for mobile phones and computers are put aside. Nowadays Macintosh is thinking about using ordinary PC platform. There are some people that are happy with this fact. Mainly because some Macintosh users use the programs of Microsoft, such as the perfect Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are the basic parts of our business and even private lives. But I will get to this point later. Macintosh’s operating systems are less compatible.
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Zdroje: 1 – article “Two platforms, linking together”, 2 Profit, No 41, article “Maybe Pentium inside the Macintosh”
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