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Search engines such us Hotmail, ICQ, GeoCities started to address many people and were finally successful.
The vision of future E-commerce points out that customer is our master. Even now businessmen address customers as masters, but it is not so free and obvious as it is possible on internet. Mainly from the point that there is open space of choices, many windows that can be open at the same time and thus customer can check prices he is interested in at many shops at one time, not to buy the first thing that cross their way. When I go shopping I do not bother myself with going from one shop to another to check prices. But when I am online I just have impulsion to check more than one page for some product.
“There are five ways for proper running of shop online, for leading E-commerce.
1, suitable technical sortiment
2, wide range of offered products
3, cheaper prices than in real shops
4, additional information for products. In these shops there are no shop-assistants, so the buyer cannot contact anybody, thus he must read it somewhere.
5, dominant aspect is active marketing for at least first three years of existence of shop, website etc.”
More to these points:
1, within all these steps there was necessity to develop technology along with E-commerce. It is better said, E-commerce along with technology. Nowadays technology not just saves our time but it is usually a great help and in some cases it can solve small problems for us. Usage of
E-commerce would be impossible with slow, old fashioned technology. 2, in regard with competitiveness one must include many choices, when working with E-commerce, so that he can compete with other businesses.
3, term B2B points out that all prices could be cut a bit. It is a relationship between businesses and thus competition between them. Let´s imagine future shops, /it works in some of this date already/ businessmen will fight each other with lower prices. One must realize that there is fixed price in every product. It is price at which the product is produce. And thus according to me every “halier” above this price can be cut, with expectations to win customer´s confidence. 4, in one´s web site one should include additional information about products offered. It can be in the form of text, pictures or even a demo, showing how certain product works. The customer will be attracted to this change, seeing that in real shops usually this possibility does not exist. There can be even scale from one up to ten, where customer can evaluate service, web site, products, prices etc.
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Zdroje: 1, Miro Borik – „CfP – BPR & E-commerce“, 2,, 3, and related sources from search engines
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