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This will add some kind of fun to the serious life of customer.
I assume that the fifth point does not need any comment.
There are many companies that offer software or e-commerce solutions. Between the most famous is definitely Microsoft, he offers solutions for example for B2B, B2C, from buy side to sell side. More to the point they offer:
1) “eEnterprise E-commerce – all levels of e-commerce solutions, from basic to highly scalable
2) Solomon E-commerce – enables salesmen and customer to enter their orders via the Internet directly into your order management system and to check the status of those orders at any time
3) Dynamics E-commerce – this offers great functionality for small business budget. It is easy to increase revenue, sales efficiency and create targeted emails campaigns to your web shoppers
4) Small Business Manager E-commerce – extends customer service and marketing efforts to the Web. This offers online scheduling for customer, resource management for business owners and powerful e-mail marketing tools”3
“Next famous one is PECOS, he developed E-Procurement solutions and offers E-Marketplace. Their central framework is collaborative e-commerce. For example SupplierPortal Site: Suppliers access and interface with PECOS.iem through the SupplierPortal Site, a uniform interface for suppliers to the eMarketplace. Suppliers self enroll and can access orders, RFQs, Reverse Auction and other interface functions. PECOS.iem supports product information standards including RosettaNet, cXML and CBL, enabling suppliers to leverage existing investments in other content formats. Easy to use tools allow suppliers to accept and interface with transactions and quickly update catalog content and prices to provide their clients with timely and accurate information.“2 Secondly they offer BuyerPortal Site and many others.
Term E-commerce is part of our lives, though to say honestly not everybody realize it. Maybe a lot of people use it every day and still they do not understand and know what they use, just like me some time ago.
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Zdroje: 1, Miro Borik – „CfP – BPR & E-commerce“, 2,, 3, and related sources from search engines
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