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Computer Law
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A popular culture mythology developed, founded on the exploits of what were regarded as rebel heroes who could single-handedly spy on and sabotage the vast machinations of the corporate and government establishment. Counter-measures
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 was signed into law in order to clarify definitions of criminal fraud and abuse for federal computer crimes and to remove the legal ambiguities and obstacles to prosecuting these crimes. The Act established two new felony offenses for the unauthorized access of "federal interest" computers and a misdemeanor for unauthorized trafficking in computer passwords. International Law

Whenever issues affect more than one nation, typically the laws within a nation may not apply. Instead a treaty between two or more nations may provide the relevant law. There are many international treaties covering intellectual property. As an example the United States passed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to implement certain treaty requirements. Typically, the developed and to a lesser extent the developing countries are interested in protecting intellectual property, since it is a value national asset, whereas undeveloped nations obtain an economic benefit from using such assets without paying the going rate for them. As a nation begins to develop more and more intellectual property of its own, it begins to have a greater incentive to protect that property.

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