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Legalizácia Marihuany
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If marijuana is legal, the police would save a lot of energy and time which could be spent more effectively in the war against hard drugs and mafia. Statistics have proven that the 20-year-old drug policy in the Netherlands had success. “About 700,000 people in the Netherlads use soft drugs at least once a month, according to the Dutch Health Ministry; some 25,000 people, or about 1.6 percent of population, are said to be addicted, mostly heroin. This compares with an estimated 160,000 addicts in France, or 2.8 percent of the population; 200,000 in Germany, or 1.5 percent; and 175,000 in Italy, or 3 percent.” (Gross, 1997, p 40.) One of the lowest rates of hard drug addiction is in the Netherlands, and in the Netherlands the use of soft drugs is legal. So that means that if legalization saved at least a few people from hard drug addiction, it would be a big success. By reducing the rate of hard drug addicted people, drug-related crime and the number of drug dealers would also be reduced what is one of the goals of legalization.
It is time to stop arresting responsible marijuana smokers. Arresting these otherwise law-resposible citizens can destroy everything: their private lives and can cause enormous harm to the lives, careers, and families of more than hundreds of marijuana smokers arrested each year in this country. Marijuana smokers are no different from their non-smoking citizens, except for their marijuana use. Like most other Slovak citizens, they are responsible citizens who work hard, raise families, contribute to their communities, and want a safe, crime-free neighbourhood in which to live. They are not part of the crime problem and should not be treated like criminals. Responsible marijuana use causes no harm to society and should be of no interest to state and police. (Power,1999, p22)
The legalisation of marijuana would reduce police work, save their time and energy, and also make the life of responsible marijuana smokers more pleasant and comfortable.

The economic and financial damages
The economic and financial damage caused by prohibition is huge. The economy is distorted by huge flows of criminal money, and some nations have become highly dependent on illegal trade. Money is wasted fighting the crime that prohibition itself creates. For example “ In the United States, 15 billion dollars are fed into the federal drug control budget anually, and the total costs of property damage, police work and incarceration are a multiple of this amount.“ ( Join the lagalize.) .
Hemp can also be used for industrial purposes.
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