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Legalizácia Marihuany
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Marijuana, also spelled marihuana, is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world.(Glrolier Multimedia Encyklopedia) It is used in a lot of countries by a large number of people. Marijuana is a drug made from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant, which has many psychological effects. People usually smoke marijuana in cigarettes or pipes, but it can also be mixed with food and beverages. Almost all nations, including Slovakia, have laws that prohibit the cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of marijuana. Governments throughout the world do not want to legalize the use of marijuana because of several arguments such as : it is a first step to hard drugs, it causes addiction, and it is a large cause of crime. However, the politicians are wrong.
This paper deals with the legalization of marijuana in Slovakia. It deals with problems which could be solved if marijuana were legal. This paper does not discuss legalization of other kinds of drugs, only the advantages conected with the legalization of marijuana. These advantages could give life in Slovakia more quality and comfor. It discuss problems such as crime, economic damages, help for sick patients, and medicine.

Prohibitionisbyfar the largest cause ofcrime
Prohibition does not have any of its intended effects. While crime rates soar, the number of drug users increases, and the health problem is made worse. Worldwide, annual drug profits are in excess of 400 billion dollars. This is 8 percent of the world economy, and 80 percent of all criminal activitys. In the United States, the War on Drugs has caused a fivefold increase in annual criminal profits in the past 10 years.(Bordes 1998) Such problems do not appear only in the U.S.A, but also in other countries. In many countries, corruption related to the drug trade has become a fact of life, and public safety is endangered by armed gangs fighting over turf. In major cities, 80 percent of petty crime is related to drugs. ( Join the legalize). One of these drugs is marijuana, but it does not have to be. Politicians argue that people who begin with a joint would end with heroin. However, that is not the truth because cannabis does not cause addiction. So there is no reason to take other harder drugs to still the appetite.
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