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Magic mushrooms
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“There are experiences about which most of us do not want to speak because they disagree with daily reality. They are out of our minds. They do not have origins in our internal events, but in our internal lives. They appear as ideas of our imagination, and they are fixed up deep in our memory. Suddenly our well-known and natural view of things starts to change to an unknown, not only pleasant, but also unpleasant form: we start to see problems in a new light, and we get a new opinion. This experience can come down as lightning from a clear sky, and immediatly disappear, or it could impress deep in our memory.”(Hofmann,1997,p.5). These words were writen bei Alfred Hofmann who invented LSD, and spent his live bie studing hallcinogen mushrooms.
After the revolutio in 1989 came into our country not only new ideas and opinions, but also drugs. Drugs soo became very popular among young adults. However these were not only drugs which cause strong addiction, but also hallucinogenic drugs. Drugs which opened minds, doors of perception, and influenced thinking. One of those hallucinogens are magic mushrooms. “Psychadelic mushrooms have been a spiritual tool used by countless cultures for thousands of years. They provide a trip which is commonly described as smoother and more natural than that of LSD or other syntetic hallucinogens. Mushrooms trips can be very visual, and users have reported encounters with both gods and devils.” (drugs a lycaeum. org.) Hallucinogenic mushrooms cause strong changes in our senses and thinking and can repetitive strong hallucinations. This paper deals with hallucinogen mushrooms. It discusses the history of their use, their chemical structure, and their influences on the human psyche.

Scienntists have discovered, that hallucinogenic mushrooms have probably been in existence exactly as long as humanity.“ Ancient pictures of mushroom-headed humanoids have been found in caves in the Sahara.“(Lycaeum-drug archives)“ Siberian shamans use[d] fly agarics to enlighten the path to the spirit world.“(Lycaeum-drug archives) In Central and South America, the use of psilocybin mushrooms (and other hallucinogens) was common until the arrival of Spaniards who spread the Catholic faith with sword and fire and forbade the use. The Catholic should not forbid the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms because in the Bible there is an example of using such mushrooms.
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