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Description of the place: Our Cottage
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I have decided to tell you something about a place, which I like to stay at, and it is our cottage. It is situated in Western Slovakia near town Malacky and it is something about 80 kilometers from Bratislava. We spend there every weekend with my whole family (mother, father, sister and me). Sometime there are also my cousins, uncles and aunts.
How does it look? The cottage is not big and not small for us. It is built of wooden logs and is situated on the very edge of the lake. I need not tell you how beautiful and peaceful is the countryside all around a lake from early spring to late winter. Permanent inhabitances of the lake are couples of swans and wild ducks; some quiet ones are fish, to the great joy of fisherman. Around the cottage from the side of a lake is a small beach which is covered by gravel stones and some sand. Right in front of the cottage is anchored a small boat into which you can jump and row around the lake until the water is not frozen. Then look around and have a great pleasure of beautiful nature around a lake and many beautiful pine trees on the banks of the lake.
On the other side of a cottage where is a hedge, which protects the cottage from the small lane, which leads to other cottager in the vicinity. Behind a hedge, right in front of the windows and entrance of a cottage is a lawn, which I mow every week with an electric mower. All around a lawn there are some rose bushes and some decorative small trees. Just from the lawn you climb up a wooden staircase to the entrance door of a cottage. If you turn left, you come to a terrace, from which you can also enjoy the view of the lake and surrounding cottages. You can sunbathe in the deck chair or if you feel like it, you can sit in a shade of an umbrella and enjoy your tea.
If all these sport activities as swimming, rowing a boat, surfing, fishing were not enough for you, you can take your bike and take a ride around the lake or put on your roller-skates and have run on them.
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