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Design of the perfect people
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If I were a designer and I could design perfect people they would look like this:
They would be very tall (all above 180 cm.) Their bodies would be very slim. Their brain part of the head would be bigger then is ours. Their eyes would be very good, so they would not need any glasses. Their creativity would be very high, so that people of present time would not be able to follow their thoughts. It would be very clear to know if they like, love, hate or detest someone. They would keep fit by going in for lots of sports: basketball, football, surfing, judo, karate, baseball, cricket, golf, swimming, tennis and some others. Everyone would know to do these sports.
As they would be well-educated and well-developed personalities, they would be very able to work in any field of science, technology, business and policy. Nothing would be difficult for them.
Even their health would be very strong. They would be all as fit as a fiddle. Of course, when society had so many perfect, it would have to be on high level too. It would be very easy to understand them and it would be very pleasant to live with them.
They would live in perfect houses with all new technologies like TV, computer, Internet, air-conditioning and so on. Everybody would have his own car, which would be smaller and more ecological then ours.
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