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Story of Trenčín's Castle
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Story of Trenčín´s Castle

There is very nice and moving story, which is connected with this Castle. It's legend about Trenčín Castle's well. It's called "Well Of Love". This story goes as far as middle ages, when in this castle lived noble man Matúš Čák Trenčiansky. He was called The Master Of The High Tatras and Váh. It means that he owned the land at this territory. During the 16th century there were Turkey's raids. They ruined all the country around the castle and captured many people and took them to their country as the slaves. Matúš Čák in return came down into Turkish military camp with his soldiers from the castle, where he was very safely hidden behind strong (fortification) and on a high rock. During one raid in the camp Čák's soldiers captured one young really very beautiful Turkish girl Fatima. They didn't know who was she, but it was Turkish leader's Omar fiancé. They captured her and took her as the prisoner to the castle on a high rock. Omar was willing to pay any money or give anything to Matúš Čák as ransom. But he refused all the money and all the presents. He said, that he didn't need anything. He said he only needs well with water very urgently on the castle, because when are Turkish raids he and the people at the castle need water. For Omar was the only way to get Fatima to dig the well. So he did it in five very difficult years. He had to dig very deep in a very hard rock until he take his fiancé's happily home. Since that time this well is called The Well Of Love, because Omar did it from very deep love for Fatima.
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