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Housing in the U.S.A.
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There is an incredible variety of gadgets in the American home. In the kitchen you can find a garbage compactor that squeezes garbage into small cubes and neatly packs it into bags; a refrigerater that dispenses iced water and ice cubes without having to open the door; and a sink with a three faucets - a normal one, a water hose with a spray nozzle for washing dishes, and one with its own small heater that gives boiling water. Some houses have a small computer system that controls all the different electronic gadgets. It will turn the heating on, switch the light and the radio on, and make the coffee. THE LIVING ROOM - is usually used for more formal occasions such as entertaining guests.
THE KITCHEN - this room with all its appliances and gatgets, also has an informal eating area where the family usually takes its meals. THE LAUNDRY ROOM - this is where the washer and dryer are kept and used. THE DINING ROOM - is also used for formal occasions when there is company for dinner. The best china and silver are used in this room. THE FAMILY ROOM - is a large room for the whole family where they watch television, play games, listen to music, do crafts and exercise. It is the most important room in an American house. It is the hub of activity.
THE BEDROOM - It is not uncommon for each member of the family to have their own bedroom. People like to have their own space. Many bedrooms have a television and a telephone as well as exercise equipment and a study area with a desk. Americans like to have things neat and tidy, or at least out of sight. THE BATHROOM - Newer homes have two and a half bathrooms. The main bathroom is for everyone’s use. The second bathroom is usually off the master bedroom and is reserved for the adults using this room. Half a bedroom is a toilet and a sink, usually used by guests. Showers and tubes are becoming quite sophisticated. Americans do like showers - with lots of water pressure - because they are quick. Showers often have jacuzzi heads which give a massage while washing. A family with an average income can usually afford to live in a nice house with all the necessary amenities that are expected in any civilized nation. The utility bills, such as electricity, telephone and gas are very affordable and do not cause a significant financial burden to the home owner. POOR PEOPLE
The US government built huge apartment buildings for the poor in the 1950s and 1960s, mostly in the inner cities. These proved a failure.
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