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On the river Vah we can find many man-made water reservoirs for example: Slnava, Kralova, Nosice, which are important for water power stations. The largest dam is Zemplinska Sirava, which is called The Slovak Sea. The biggest water power station is Gabčíkovo.
What can we say about climate.. Slovakia is situated in temperate zone. It means there are four seasons during the year. The temperature can be around –20 degrees in winter, and in summer it is often about 30-35 degrees. In the north of the country it is much colder and wetter weather than in the south. During last years the weather is very crazy. Last year there were big floods in Europe in summer, especially in Czech republic. For a change there was very dry and hot summer this year. We can say that there will be a tropical weather in Slovakia in the future. I think we have to get used to the tropical weather, because every year is hotter and hotter summer.

Fourteen years ago there was the socialism economy system in the Central Europe. After the year 1989 the system has changed a lot. You can do your own business and you can travel to the all countries you want. This wasn't possible before the revolution.
The biggest and the most important factories for our economy are USS Kosice, VW Bratislava and Slovnaft. Other engineering industry we can find in Poprad, where railway trucks are constructed, Zlate Moravce, where the Calex factory is, then in Dubnica nad Vahom, Komarno, etc. Wood working industry is in Zvolen, B. Bystrica and Vranov nad Toplou. Food industry we can find fast in every town in Slovakia. The most important food industry factories are in Bratislava, B. Bystrica, Martin, Zvolen, Kosice, Presov, etc.
Important part of the industry is electricity production. We have two nuclear powers in Mochovce and Jaslovske Bohunice, coal powers are in Vojany and Novaky and water power stations are fast on every river, but they are not very big and they don't produce a lot of electricity. Most of the industry is situated in the west of Slovakia. This is very bad for people living in the east of the republic, especially northeast. There is the highest unemployment in the republic. For example Bratislava has unemployment just of 4 per cent, and for example Svidnik has about 30 per cent. This is very bad for people living there. The main reason of this situation is in the bad infrastructure. There are no highways in this part of Slovakia, no airports and there are many disadvantages for business.
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