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When some businessman wants to build some factory there, he has so many problems, that he rather decides to build it in the west part of republic. The main advantage of the west part is, that there are highways and there also borders of states that are important for export, like Austria and Czech Republic.
Very important part of our economy is agriculture. In the north of the country are grown plants, which don't need very hot weather, like potatoes and sugar beets. Grain and corn are grown in the south and in the east. In the west, around Pezinok and Modra there is also grown vine. The most important part for agriculture is Zitny Island, which is bordered with two rivers, in the south it is Danube and in the north it is Small Danube. There is grown especially grain, but also fruit and vegetable. There are very good conditions for plants, because there is hot weather and good wet soil. Important part of agriculture is animal production. Sheep and goats are fed especially in the mountains. Hens are fed in hen farms, which are usually located near towns. Pigs and cows are fed in countryside near villages. The population of Slovakia is about 5 and half million inhabitants. The most of the people are classed to the Slovak nationality, but there also live foreign nationality people: Hungarians, Germans, Czechs, Ukrainian and Poles. There are many nice towns in our country. The capital is Bratislava, but we cannot say that it is a city. It has population just about 450 thousand. Sometimes it is called "The biggest Slovak village". However, Bratislava is the cultural, social and political centre of the republic. There are many important institutions of fast all fields. There is the Parliament House, the government seat, the Grasalkovic Palace, where the President's seat is and there are also seats of political parties. In Bratislava, there are also the main courts- the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.
Important cultural institutions are the Slovak National Theatre and the Slovak National Gallery. There are many schools and Universities. For example the University of Jan Amos Komensky, the Technical University etc. The first University of Slovakia was founded by Mathias Corvinus in 1465 and it was called Academia Istropolitana. Bratislava is devided into two parts. One part is the Old Town, which is very nice historical part with a lot of old buildings. Second part is the New Town, where modern buildings and shops are built. The newest parts of the town are the housing estates. The biggest is Petrzalka, where you can see a lot of blocks of flat and many people live there.
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