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Because of the silly Svatopluk's sons the empire disintegrated and the Slovak territory became a part of Hungarian Kingdom until 1918. In 1843 Ludovit Stur codified the literary Slovak language. This was very important for Slovak literature. After this year Slovak language was the official language of Slovak people, although Hungarian clerks didn't want to admit it. New newspapers were printed and all people living in the Slovak territory can understand the texts. Many writers and poets started to use Stur's Slovak language. In the year 1918, after 1st W.W. Slovakia and the Czech Republic became one state called Czechoslovakia. The first president of this republic became Tomas Garikue Masarik. During the 2nd World War, Czech territory became a part of German state and independent Slovak Republic was declared as Slovakia. On 28th August 1944 Slovak many Slovak soldiers rebeled against German army to help Soviet army in liberating Slovakia. This is very important point in our history and it is known as Slovak National Uprising.
In 1945, after the W.W. 2nd Slovakia became a part of Czechoslovakia again. From 1947 till 1989 there were only communist governments. In 1968 the Prime Minister Alexander Dubcek tried to make different politics than Soviet Goverment wanted. He wanted the state to be more democratic and he wanted to make "The Socialism with a human face". This is known as The Prague Spring. Because of these reforms there was big invasion of the Warsaw pakt troops into Czechoslovakia. After 1968 the life in the republic became undemocratic and people had to do, what the Government said. If someone did something against the rules, he went to gaol. In 1989 there was big revolution in Czechoslovakia and the system changed to capitalism. On January 1st 1993 Slovakia and the Czech Republic became two independent republics.
At present, the Slovak Republic ranks among the modern states with parliamentary democracy. The republic is headed by the President, elected by people for a period of five years. The executive power in Slovakia is in the hands of the President, Prime Minister and the Government. The Parliament has the legislative power in the country. It has 150 members. Their office period is 4 years. The Government is constituted by Prime Minister, Vice-Prime Ministers and Ministers. Some of the ministries are Ministry of Defence, Interior, Health, Education,...
The state's symbols are The National Emblem, the Flag, the Seal and the Anthem. The school system of Slovakia. Little kids go to the nursery and then to the kindergarten.
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