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We can practise: judo, sailing, bodybuilding, skiing, swimming, ball games, cycling, bungee jumping, snooker, ice-hockey, tobbogganing, snowball fighting, windsurfing, aerobics, orienteering, .. You can choose what you enjoy.

Your hobby can also be going out. You can go to the cinema, theatre, museum, .. You can also play the musical instrument.
Family hobbies are for example keeping pets, travelling, gardening, watching TV, hiking, camping, picking up mushrooms, ...
Women hobbies are knitting, sewing, cooking, crocheting, embroidering, ...
You can collect stamps, postcards, badges, old cars, plane models, motorbikes, coins, phone cards, .. In USA there is a big tradition of collecting tea spoons with pictures of different states. They also collect souvenirs from countries they´ve visited.
Men hobbies are mostly repairing something, playing or watching football, working with computer, drinking beer, taking care about their cars, fishing, ...
Other hobbies are taking photographs, keeping aquariums, cooking, baking, interest in literature, history, science, technology, ...

My hobbies

I like doing sports. Among my favourite ones belong basketball, baseball, volleyball, aerobics and sometimes gymnastics. I like skiing and swimming as well. When I was small I wanted to be a basketball player. My friends say that I look like a furious bull when I´m playing basketball. It´s great to feel like a winner. I do sports for pleasure, not for winning. I used to hate playing volleyball. Once I´ve even tried to play beach volleyball. It´s quite difficult because you´re moving in sand, which is usually hot and very soft. Swimming is another activity I like. Every summer we go to Koryčany to swim. There is a great swimming pool with cool and clear water. There is also a life-guard. I don´t usually go swimming in winter, although there is a swimming pool in Prostějov. I started to ski when I was 11. I love it. Every winter we go to the mountains to downhill ski. After skiing you´re exhausted. Then it´s good to have delicious pancakes with chocolate and cream. Aerobics is also my favourite hobby. Sometimes it can look like dancing because it´s quite similar. You´re moving with the rhytm of music. Every Friday and Saturday I go to the gym. Sometimes we play football or volleyball there. I spend quite lots of time on studying, but I have enough leisure time for my hobbies. My other hobbies are reading, listening to music, travelling and learning foreign languages. I´d like to travel round the world. When I was 5, I played the violin and the flute. Two years later I started playing the piano.
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