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A hobby is an activity that we do for pleasure in our free time. Hobbies are good relaxation. If you are under stress you can rest with nice book or watch a comedy on TV. Our hobbies lead us to be more responsible, hard-working and thoughtful. Hobbies teach us to play fair and not only in sport games, but also in the real life. We have to keep rules. Unfortunately, in our country it isn´t true. Someone says that passive hobbies, such as reading, listening to music, playing video games aren´t hobbies. They´re just things we do in our free time. I don´t agree with it. Passive hobby is a hobby as well as active one. Hobbies are usually things we are interested in. Many busy people don´t have any leisure time, but if they want they can certainly find the time to go skiing, play chess,. . . It´s a great help if we can plan our daily schedule well. It´s good when people can find an activity that brings all people closer together. It sometimes happens that a person gets to obsessive about his hobby. Then they are doing everything to get something for their collection. It´s called mania. Your job can be also a hobby, but I think you should make a line to determine what is job and what is hobby. Others can find their job monotonous and search for an escape or at least a change from daily routine. If we like our job we want to be better than others and spend a lot of time doing it. Then we almost forget our family and there is a danger of workholism. People may have many different hobbies during their lifetimes. Hobbies change with our interest. Hobbies are very important. Our life would be empty without them. We´d only work. I know some people, who go to work every day and when they get home they eat their dinner and then watch TV all evening and night. In my opinion it isn´t a life. These people live only for their work. In average, the most common hobbies in our country are these: Many families have their cottages and people spend lots of time there (gardening, cutting grass, repairing the old house). The other rather popular hobby is watching TV or video. Many people spend their leisure time reading books, magazines and newspapers. Plenty of people in USA collect the toys from children Happy Meals from McDonald´s.

Sports are one of the most popular leisure time activities.
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