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In the past people worked in agriculture. The fertile lowlands are good for wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar beat, sunflower, tobacco and hop. The country is famous for its thermal healing and mineral springs, numerous spas and recreation centers.


BA is the capital of SR. The town is situated in the south-western part of Slovakia, near Austrian border. BA is the place of residence of the President of the Republic. The capital is the sea of the National Council of SR. BA is a city with rich history. The first settlement in this area is dated from the Newer Stone Age. The first castle was built here by Slavonic tribes in 9th century, during the Great Moravian Empire. During Austro- Hungarian Monarchy, BA was the summer seat for Maria Theresia. She was crowned here. BA was coronation town of Hungarian kings and queens for 300 years. The coronation minister was the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin.
Between 2 wars BA was the economic, cultural and scientific centre of Slovakia. There are many theatres, galleries, exhibition halls, concert halls, sport centr with numerous football clubs, volleyball and basketball playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centres…
Young people from all over Slovakia come to BA to study. Most of the students live in hostels.
BA is an industrial city. Arriving trains bring people from the countryside to work there. The most important branch of industry is chemical industry represented by such firms as Istrochem and Slovnaft. This kind of industry is the source of pollution. There are also food industries – Figaro, Palma…there are also VW B

The most populous quarters is Petržalka on the right side of Danube. It house more than 100 000 people. People in their spare time go to woods in Koliba and Železná studnička to walk or have a picnic. The Danube is an important European Waterway connecting BA with the ports on the Black sea. BA is an important port.

People who are coming to visit BA are interested not only the history of our capital but its cultural life. The most important historical monuments are:
The Castle – it was burnt down after the World War II. It has been rebuilt and now is a partly a museum, partly a seat of the president.
Old Town hall – has been built in Gothic and Baroque style
St. Martin´s Cathedral – many Hungarian kings and queens were crowned here.
Franciscan church – it was the church where kings and queens came after their coronation for thanksgiving
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