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Culture and art
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Culture and art includes attitudes, habits, folk customs, behavior of the people, traditions. Culture can be regarded as the manifestation of people. Speaking from practical point of view it ´s unnecessary. It can ´t feed us, it can ´t heal the sick and it can ´t make blind see. But the point of art is to entertain us, to stimulate our imagination, to evoke our fantasy, tries to make understand the emotions which are reflected piece of art. By means of art we can understand ideas, emotions, experiences that the artist had when he was creating the work of art. The art is something which maintains our sanity. It nourishes our soul and mind and brings us a lot of pleasure and aesthetically pleasing. The things which come under the heading of “the arts” are: literature – it includes short stories, novels, biographies, poetry, drama; performing arts are representig by dances, opera, ballet, theatre, cinema, concerts and all things which are within theatre and music (singers, composers, conductors, instrumentalists); fine arts refer to painting and sculpture; architecture and ceramics.

The definition of culture is changing through the years. Many critics say that the high art is being dumbed down and it is made easier for popular consumption. The opinion of art really depends on personality and personal taste. There are as many tastes as there are people. We have got three groups of people. Creators and performers are gifted people because they were born with extraordinary ability to perform art. They are gifted to make a living as actors, singers, directors, conductors. Then the majority of people are consumers. These are the human population which only consume the art. The third category are critics. They criticise artist for not being able to create a proper work of art and they criticise consumers for not having a taste. Culture in all its forms draw large audiences. The people who are interested in classical music listen to philharmonic orchestra, chamber orchestra or choirs an concert halls or in churches. The people who love theatre are called keen theatre goers. They can watch a lot of types of dramatic arts such as opera, ballet, musicals. Then there is youngsters population which are the great fans of popular culture. And they go to open-air concerts. I like especially fine arts and music. I like all kinds of music except techno, punk and folk. I think that techno and similar kinds of music does n ´t come under the art.
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