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Multicultural society
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A multicultural society includes people from several different cultures. People of different colours, nationalities, languages, beliefs and customs live together in one community.

People in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society experience different ways of life. When people learn about different ways of life, it helps to break down barriers between ethnic groups which are caused by ignorance. Living with different cultures brings a better understanding of world beliefs and cultures and helps to encourage religious and social tolerance. On the other hand cultural differences divide a society. This can lead to prejudice and discrimination.

Ethnic minorities may suffer racial disadvantage in a multi-ethnic society. Local authorities have adopted more antiracist laws. People have gone abroad to work for a time or to live somewhere permanently. America is a „melting pot“ of society and the most diverse nation in the world. However, people live their lives in homogenized communities composed of single races. Many people never learn or are taught the differences that divide and bring them together. They need to create an enviroment that promotes a geographically based multicultural education.The only way to help people tolerate each other is through education.

Foreigners have been settling in Britain since beginning of the 20th century. Many immigrants came from West Indies, India and Pakistan. They were poor and out of work. Also Black and Asian people soon became a familiar sight in every city. But black immigrants have not had an easy time. Most of them had to take lowest payinf jobs, and when there to be sacked. European societies used to be more uniform in their beliefs. Today, however, they are more diverse and are all multicultural societies.

There are some traditions used in many countries, e.g. when someone dies people place flowers on their grave. In the US and UK, a man traditionally gives a diamond ring to a woman when he asks her to marry him, and this shows that they are engaged. People think of Easter in connection with spring and new life. Christians all over the world remember the death of Jesus Christ on His resurrection.
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