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Human and the Nature

Človek a príroda

a) ročné obdobia, počasie
b) príroda okolo nás – fauna (zvieratá voľne žijúce, v ZOO, domáce) a flóra,
c) stav životného prostredia (znečistenie zeme, vôd, ovzdušia), prírodné katastrofy.

Human and the Nature

-Nature is everything around us apart from things made by human.
-It influences us in many ways (weather, living conditions), it gives us everything we have (food, material to build houses and make things, we use), can destroy us. We are dependent on it.
-Some things in the nature people have learned to command, but mostly they have to submit. (weather, seasons)
-Seasons + what it´s like
-Weather (clothes, umbrella), + more informations about weather

-Nature in our region is rich in flora and fauna. In the nature live many various animals in this area. EXAMPLES
-We can also see here diverse vegetation. The most spread trees growing in our forests are oak, beech, spruce, pine and birch.
-Animals in ZOO
-Domestic animals

-disasters in the nature
-pollution – causes, kinds, consequences, solutions


Srnka = deer
Lasica = weasel
Diviak = wild boar
Kamzík = steinbok
Dub = oak
Buk = beech
Breza = birch
Smrek = spurce
Ničivý = smashing
Dozrievať = mellow
List = leaf
Opadávať = fall off
Slivka = plum
Momentálny = momentary
Koza = goat
Sliepka = hen
Pôda = soil
Vzácny = rare

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