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Vypracované niektoré maturitne temy z anglického jazyka z učebnice Zmaturuj z anglického jazyka, a to:

02. Culture and the Arts
03. Sports
04. Housing
06. Health
07. Travel
08. School and study
12. Science and technology
19. Multicultural society
20. Town and places

What do we mean by „art“? We use the word a great deal and in many different contexts. As a general definition we will consider art to be the creation of something that is „aesthetically pleasing“.
Those lucky ones who are gifted enough can make a living of art as actors, actresses, directors, conductors, musicians, painters, sculptors and writers.
The arts in all their forms draw large audiences.
Whether art is here to entertain, educate, or whatever, only you can say how much importance art has in your inner life.
Speaking from a strictly practical point of view, art is useless. The point of art is to stimulate the imagination, to try to make the viewer understand some of the emotions and ideas experienced by the painter when he was creating his work of art. Art in particular can feed the imagination.

Sports are physical activities. People do them fit and healthy, or just because they like them. Sports are good for gathering people in one place. This makes sport a very good social activity.
There are many kinds of sports people do. Sports can be devided into two main categories. Indoor and outdoor sports. I will name some of them:
I´ll (I will) start with outdoor sports: there is my favorite swimming, skiing and riding. But there are also another activities like football, tennis, ice hockey and golf. These activities are group activities. Group activities are good for building relationships.
Now I´ll name some indoor activities: and typical game is bowling, pool, darts and snooker.
As I mentioned people do sports for their health too. Sports help to build some muscle, get a rid of stress – this is due the production of endorphines.
Every sport has rules. These rules are watched by referess.
The top of sports games is olympic games. This is the dream of each sportsman. Sports are very popular because a modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy.

Choosing a place to live in is a problem which everybody has to deal with at the beginning of his adult life. The choice is wide – you may live in a village, in a town, in a suburban area of a large city. There are several types of dwellings in Great Britain you may choose from: a flat, a council house/flat, a house, a terraced house, a cotage or a bungalow
A flat or an apartment is a set of rooms that are usually all on the same level and are a part of a larger building. A council house/flat means flats or houses owned by the council. A detached house is a house standing by itself. Terraced houses are two or more houses joined together in a row. Cottages are small, very old village houses. Bungalows are one-storey houses.
Buying a flat or a house is usually very expensive. If you work, you may arrange a mortgage with a bank.
Houses in Britain and on the Continent may seem small if we compare them to American houses.

Everybody in our country has a doctor. Some people have one family doctor. There are two types of health facilities state and private ones.
Every person is provided with medical care for his whole life. This includes childhood vaccination. The most common diseases that are children vaccined are tuberculosis, diptheria, tetanus, whooping coush, polio and later smallpox.
Each school child has to undergo a series of preventive medical check-ups.
When we fell ill we have these options. We can stay at home and cure ourselves or see a doctor. If we are not hypochondriacs we try to get over our cold easily by staying in bed, taking pills, keeping warm, sweating, gargling and drinking herbal tea with honey or lemon.
Sometimes it can be a bit risky to cure ourselves, because we can not estimate the disease as good as doctor.
The second option is to go and see a doctor. When we arrive to doctor we must wait for nurse to call us. When she calls us we can go to doctors Office. There doctor examines us. He asks us what ails us and tells us the diagnose.
Than we go to farmacy and we get medicine. Than w ego home and cure from disease.

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