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Sport is an important part of life for people all over the world. It´s one of the most popular leisure time activities. Sports help us to keep fit physically and mentally, too.

In my opinion it gives people enjoyment, happiness, health, relaxation, popularity, money... People do sports because they want to be fit or take off their weight, they want to spend free time with people, they want forget their problems...

We can divide sport into winter-summer, outdoor-indoor, team or individual and professional or amateur. Indoor sports include for example gymnastic, table-tennis or boxing. On the other hand, outdoors are for example a lot of winter sports, golf, climbing or rallies.

The typical summer sports are cycling, golf, athletics (sprinthigh jump, long jump, javelin throw, hummer throw...) and among winter sports include skiing, snowboarding or bobsleighting, biatlon.

We know individual sports as tenni, skiing, athletics and team sports for example all ball sports or hockey. We can do sports only for fun, but for some people is sport their employment. It´s professional sport, where is much money.

Very expensive sports are tennis, golf, motor-racing as F1.

Fairplay in sport is controlled by referees or empires (teniss, voleyball). Some players try to use special drugs – stereoids or stimulants. That helps in their performances, but all these substances are in sport prohibited and sportmen are tested on them, during doping-control.

The dream of every sportmen is represented own country on the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games was in 776 before Christ in Olympia in Ancient Greece. Nowdays Olympic Games are organized every 4 years in different country. The nearly are in 2008 in Singapur.

The Olympic flag includes of 5 colour circles on white backround, where each circles symbolize other continent. Blach colour is Afrika, green is Australia, blue is Europa, red is America and yellow is Asia.

I like basketball, which I have played 9 years. This year I play in junior and senior team, too. I play in Slavia TU Kosice. I hope that next year I will study on Technical University and I will professional sportmen, too. I think that I am on very good way, now...

I like basketball, so I describe this sport. It´s a ball sport, which begin in USA. Basketball found Dr.James Naismith in 1891, because he wanted to interest his boring students.

Basketball plays with special ball from pelt. You must throw the ball into the basket, which is in height 3.5 metres. You can score for 2, 3 points and when you were faul for 1 point. Basketball plays 5 players in gym. You win if your team give more points than your rival. I think that it´s the beautiful game.

In sport are very important fans. They travel with their teams and support on the matches. When their team win, they´re satisfy and they enjoy, they´re happy. But when their team lose they whistle, scream and they´re sad. But for each sportmen is very important to have own fans.

My opinion is that sport has a great importance for progress of personality. For some people it´s not only the body movement or playing strategy, but it´s a life philosophy. I think that it´s my philosophy, too.

„Sport while you can“...
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