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Health and Diseases
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You may take exercise in the morning, you may take exercise by aerobics, by jazz-gymmnasting and by stretching. It's very useful to go jogging. You need nothing but only a pair of running shoes and tracksuit. Many people keep fit by swimming or cycling. Food And Health
Food and health are closely connected. Your health often depends on well-ballanced diet. What does it mean ? Our food must contain: proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, roughage and minerels.
PROTEINS - they can be found in meat, in eggs, cheese, youghurt and other dairy products. White meat is better then red meat (beef, pork)
CARBOHYDRATES - they can be found in bread, pasta, pastry, cakes and chocolades
FAT - it can be found in bacon
VITAMINS - they can be found in fruit and vegetables
ROUGHAGE - can be found in cereals and poridge.
MINERALS - can be found in mineral water, in vegetables, for example beans contain a lot of calcium, which is very important for our bones and teeth, or spinch is full of iron.
Some people overeat and they are overweight or obeze. A lot of people eat fast fodd, which is often called junk food. Theese are hamburgers, cheesburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and fish and chips. On the other hand there are some health nuts. They buy foods only in health shops. It's good to eat five times a day: have a breakfast, have a snack, have lunch, have tea and have dinner. A Slovak proverb says: Have a breakfast like a king, have a lunch like a citizen and have dinner like a pauper. First Aid
Could you help an injured friend? Do you remember a friend crying over a cut and bleeding knee? You felt very sorry and you wanted to help, didn't you ? Perhaps you didn't know what to do. Then you called your mum and she said: Tom needs first aid!
First aid means the first help in the case of an emergency.

First Aid Kit
This is a box or a little case with things necessary for helping in an emergency. There should be bandages, sterile pads, scissors, waterproof plasters, safety pins, tape, antiseptic powder, and tweezers.

Do You Know What To Do In The Case Of Insect Sting ?
Call and adult. If nobody is there help yourself:
1) If the sting is still in skin, remove it with tweezers. Grasp the sting as close to the skin as possible and carefully pull it out. Don't grasp the sting at the top. You may squeeze the poison sac.
2) Cool the area with cold compress to minimise the pain and sweeling.
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