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Ernest Hemingway biography
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was a representant of lost generation and one of the greatest writers that had ever been. His unique mastery of writing influenced the style of an entire generation of writers. That influence spread far beyond the English language, far beyond the borders of the United States. It is an influence that persist today.

May be one of the reasons why is his work so unforgottable is the fact that he mostly describes common people in common situations. His characters are unintellectual and symply ones and they live their real lives. His stories are so truthful with their realistic describtions that everyone have to admire them. Archibald Macleish - the Americal poet once said: "The reason that Hemingway meant so much to us was that his work reflected the real faults and virtues and the esential humanity of the people among whom he lived and that the power and vividness of his writing was such that his work could and did break through barriers of language and fogs of misrepresentation to touch men everywhere". There are also a lot of autobiographycal features in his work and his life - as for me - was more than interesting.

He was reporter, solder, short-story writer, novelist, playwright, deep-see fisherman, and a big game hunter. He was born into the family of a small town doctor in Illinois. He was one of six children. Under the guidance of his father he came to love outdoors, becoming an excellent hunter and fisherman, he was also active in sports. His parents wanted him to become a doctor but after his graduation from high school he began his writting career as a sports reporter for the Cansas City Star.When USA entered the WWl he left his job and tried to join the army. But he was underage so after repeated rejections he was accepted as an ambulance driver with the Red Cross in Italy. Shortly before his l9th birthday he was badly wounded by enemy fire and spent several weeks in a hospital in Milan. This experience would provide material for his future novel A FAREWELL TO ARMS. Hemingway returned to Chicago and then went to Canada to work for the Toronto Star. Then he lived in Europe for six years and he worked there hard to become a writer. He joined the literary circle of expatriate American writers and brought together there by Gertrude Stein and Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote his first three works: THREE SHORT STORIES AND TEN POEMS, IN OUR TIME and a collection of short stories THE TORRENTS OF SPRING.
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