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The Press

What does press mean?·Printed papers: ·Books ·Newspapers ·Magazines ·Others: ·Radio ·TV ·Internet Which kinds of newspapers exists?·Tabloids: ·often low quality ·"worker class" ·emphases on picture and crimes ·short texts ·use low-level language ·The Sun, Daily Mail ·Quality papers: ·educated, middle class ·long texts ·high-level language ·emphases on detailed coverage of national and international politics / economy / news

·The Guardian ·Sunday Newspapers: ·especially in Britain ·very thick: contain the entire week's news ·for people who haven't enough time to read an every-day newspaper ·The Observer ·colored supplements like sport papers or TV programs ·Magazines: ·often weekly ·based on a specified topic: politics / economics / science ·high-quality ·emphases of high-level analysis of the subjects I prefer ...·Newspapers do often contain more detailed information than TV ·TV shows you a situation clearly

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