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Angličtina Idiómy

· come up – meet or face a difficulty
· come about – happen
· come to – regain consciousness
· pass out – lose consciousness
· come across – find by accident or hear about
· come up – be talked about, mentioned or discussed
· come down – fall ill with
· look forward – to expect to enjoy somethig
· run over – to hit something or someone with a car
· take up – to occupy
· take in – understand, mentally digest
· look into – investigate
· look up – to find iinformation about something in a book or list
· run through – to disscus, repeat or read something quickly
· take over – to get control over something, by buying it or in some other way
· run into – to meet something unexpectedly
· call for – require or demand somethig that is the best in particular situation
· call on – visit
· look after – take care of
· turn out- what you can say when you mean : the result of our investigation showed that
· put up – live with, in the sense of tolerate or accept
· give up – no longer have or do something
· get through – spend completely.

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