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William Shakespeare biography
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1608), “Cymbeline” (1609 – 1610), “The Winter´s Tale” (1610 – 1611) and “The Tempest”. In them, psychological realism is subordinated to an interest in mythic patterns that incoporate both tragedy´s deaths and comedy´s wondrous reunions. He uses magic, mythology, folklore, symbols.

The richness of Shakespeare´s imagination and the subtetly with which he revealed the implications of thought and action, have made his plays endlessly amenable to reinterpretation by succeeding generations. The history of Shakespeare critism and of Shakespeare in the theater is therefore an important part of the cultural history of the modern world. During the early 17th century he was apprecited as a great entertainer. The 18th century there is a period in which the first attempts to establish good printed texts were made. During the 19th century, romantic poets and critics were especially attracted to Shakespeare´s psychologically complex characters. No one school of thought dominates 20th century Shakespeare critism, but interest in Shakespeare as a poet, which leads to close study of his language, complements interest in his plays as living works for the stage. William Shakespeare died on the same day as he was born and the legend says that he died after a louder and noisier birthparty celebration with his friends.
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