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Halle Berry biography
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Halle Berry is an famous American actress. She was born on 14th August 1966 in Clevaland, Ohio in USA, so she is now 37 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her childhood was not very happy. She grew up in a poor conditons. Her father was an alcoholic and he left Halle’s mother when she was four years old. She has got one sister. She is a half- Afroamerican (her father is Afroamerican and her mother is white). When she was small, children used to tease her for her origin. She also suffers from diabetes. But nothing could stop her in her career. She was always very strong. In school she was very active, she was a redactor of school magazine and a president of the class. She started working as a model, when she was a teenager and she won Miss USA. Then she became a movie star and she was awarded with an Oscar Award in 2002, as a first Afro-american actress in the history for the main female character in the drama “Monster’s Ball”. She is very famous especially for her role in the latest James Bond movie. She is also an activist for human rights and for rights of Afro- americans. She was married twice. Her first husband was a baseball player, David Jistice. They stayed together for four years and they got divorced in 1996. Her second husband is a jazz musician Eric Benet. They got married in 2001. Eric has an daughter from his first marriage,her name is India and she is 8 years old. Halle is now her step mother. Eric’s first wife died when India was only 1 year old. Halle wants to have her own baby, too, but there is one problem- her disease diabetes. Her hobbies are: sport and collecting porcelain, especially African dolls. She loves Paris and fashion designer Valentino. She is very beautiful and talented. As she said about herself, she is a right mix of “coffee and milk”. People should admire Halle Berry for her strenght, because she never gave up in her life and she was always prepared for new challenges.
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