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Emma Watson
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Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in Oxford, England, on 15th April 1990. Growing up she wanted to be a princess, a fairy or, as a third choice, an actress. Right by the age when she was over the princess and fairy wishes, her dreams came true: with no previous acting expirience she made the starring cast of Harry Potter.

Becoming the face of the hyper popular books heroine, teenager whitch Hermione Granger, Emma has commited her teenage years to the screen and is growing up in front of millions around the world. Yet, instant fame and celebrity status didn't change this youngster's spirit. The girl behind the character won over everybody's heart becoming an idol herself. Raised in France at an early age, followed by her birthtown in Oxfordshire, Emma - forgot all about french but as the good actress she is, she can still do the accent - studied at Dragon School in Oxford

The A-student who still enjoys helping her little brother with maths homework, isn't a typical library rat as she enjoys sports more than anything. On her free time her favourite things to do include playing field hockey, tennis, netball and dancing, aswell as skiing, something she's particulary good at since she's practiced it since the early age of three. However, she she could be adressed a library rat aswell. She loves reading and her writing tasks to develop her character in Harry Potter always turn out to be longest, this isn't a lazy girl. The camera obviously loves Emma, making her look as an absolute diva whenever she's on screen. However, the plans of the charming aries aren't focused on the film industry. Emma's next step is University. Even though she's not sure yet of what she'll study, she assures she feels right where she wants to be when it comes to her carreer and feels confident enough as not to need to take on more roles by the time. Being on top of the world at age 15, nobody can doubt she knows what she 's doing.
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