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Biography of Mario Puzo
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Biography of Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo was born in 1920 in New York. In his childhood he was a star of a local football team and as he said as a famous writer that it was the season of his biggest success in a career. Altough he was born to a poor sicilian immigrant family he refused to work on a railway as his father.  He was proud of that with his brothers and sisters were the first literate persons in his family.

After eighteen years in Civil Service he went abroad and married with Erika Lina Broske who had three sons and two daughters with. Bad living conditionals has expressed in his productions. He worked for NY magazines and wrote articles about celebrities and many critics. His creations was mostly from miserable parts of american or sicilian cities.

Mario joined up into an air army in a World War 2 and was the matter for his first big creation The Dark Arena published in 1955 which made him only 3500 dollars although the critic was good. After the 10 years this scenario was repeated, for Fools Die he earned something about 2000 dollars. But the book Godfather has made him famous all over the world. Many journalists were shocked where he knew all this informations about mafia´s life from and thought he was associated to them. People were very interested in this theme so he has written more books about it. He was author of many film scenarios according to his own artwork and he co-operated on making a scenario of Superman, but he had a debts to the film Godfather so that he couldn´t continue.

After the novel Omerta he haven´t written anything for a longer time so after his visit to Vatican he was so much insipired about this country so that he decided to write his last novel Family. But because of his years and health he was completing this book only when he wasn´t intrested in nothing else. On 2nd July 1999, exactly the day 30 years earlier when he published his book Godfather, he died as a 72-years old man in a Long Island.
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