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Ernest Hemingway biography
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One hundred years have passed since Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 in Illinois USA in a doctor´s family. His family took him as a boy on frequent hunting and fishing trips and so acqainted him early with the kinds of virtues, such as courage and endurance, which were later reflected in his fiction. After high school he worked as a newspaper reporter and then went to Europe to take part in World War I. After the war he lived for several years in Paris where he met a group of artists who felt alienated from ther country. They consider themselves a lost generation. It was not long before he started publishing remarkable short stories. His subjects were often war and its effects on people or contests such as hunting or bullfighting, which demand stamina and courage. Hemingway´s style of writing is stricking. He uses short sentances. His words are simple but often filled with emotions. He is a master of the pause. That is we can see how the action of his stories continues during the silences, during the times when his characters say nothing. He prefected the art of conveying emotions with few words. Hemingway´s first attempts were in the year 1924 when he published Three stories and ten poems. There were many books to follow his debut. The sun also rises. Concerns a group of american and english expatriotes who wonder over the face of Europe seeking an escape from their terrible disillusionment brought on by the war. Farawell to arms contains the beautifull and poignant love story of an american ambulance driver and an english nurse. It also shows the shattering effects of the war upon individuals. He also wrote Man without woman, Green hills of Africa, The fifth column, Death in the afternoon etc. His well known novel For whom the bell tolls is a powerfull account of the spanish civil war. Hero is Robert Jordan. He is an American fighting with the international brigade on the side of spanish loyalists. All the characters and evens are developed around one small mission. The blowing up the bridge to prevent its use by the enemy. The bridge is succesfully blown up, but many people are wounded and killed. Jordan facing certain death in a guerilla action realizes in his monologue ( one of the most fascinated parts of the novel ) what a beautifull place the world realy is and how mucg is worth fighting for it. The old man and the sea brought him Nobel prise in 1954 and it was screened subsequently.
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