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Leonardo da Vinci biography
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This is one of the most imaginative flying machines conceived by Leonardo. The fliers' seats are located inside a shell-shaped vessel, which also housed all the mechanisms (screws, nut screws and cranks) controlling the two large bat-like wings. A particularly interesting detail is the ample plane in the tail area, most likely a system for adjusting the flying position and hence the direction of the ship itself. GLIDER WITH MANOEUVRABLE TIPS
While sensing the difficulties involved in accomplishing the great dream of flying with man-powered machines, Leonardo started to study gliding flight. In the glider designed by him, the flier's position is conceived in such a way as to allow him to balance himself by adequately moving the lower part of his body. The wings, an imitation of the wings of bats and of large birds, are fixed in their innermost section (closest to the person) and mobile in their outer section. The latter in fact can be flexed by the flier by means of a control cable maneuvered through handles. Leonardo had developed this solution after having studied the structure of birds' wings and having observed that the inner part of their wings moved more slowly than the outer part and that, therefore, the function of this part was to sustain rather than to push forward. INCLINOMETER
This instrument was used for controlling the air position of the flying machines devised by Leonardo. For the machine to reach the horizontal position indispensable for certain flight conditions, the small ball in the bell jar must be positioned right in the middle of the inclinometer. The bell glass is for preventing the wind from affecting the ball.
The wing structure study marked a critically important moment in Leonardo's endeavour to design a machine capable of making mankind fly. This is a bat-wise wing with a wood and cane frame covered with fabric stretched all over. The wing, with its veins and covering, is made up of a deal shaft with cane spokes leading off from it. PARACHUTE
In his notes, Leonardo remarks that, with a linen curtain shaped into a pyramid having a base 12 yards (about 7 metres) across and equally deep, if it is stiffly held open (anyone can jump from no matter what height without any risk whatsoever). As the length of the Florentine 'braccio' (yard) was about 60 cms., Leonardo's parachute can roughly be compared to a quadrangular pyramid having a base of about 7.20 metres and a height of the same size.
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