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Leonardo da Vinci biography
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This flying machine was designed to be driven by the mechanical power produced by a leaf spring, which was to drive the wings. This model is most interesting; in that it testifies to the fact that Leonardo was trying to fit the leaf-spring mechanisms in use for land machines to his flying devices. Not only that. The use of a leaf spring in place of human strength bears witness to Leonardo’s realization that human strength alone would hardly manage to make mankind fly. War Machines

This is a cannon whose elevation may be adjusted by means of a peg. It is one of the three firearms drawn by Leonardo on the same folio. Owing to its size, this cannon was destined to be used in field action by infantrymen. Besides having a light gun carriage mounted on wheels, this weapon can be adjusted in height by means of a peg blocking system. The cannon is front-loaded and has a bronze muzzle. SCYTHED CHARIOT
This is the framework of a scythed chariot. Already in use in Leonardo's day, this type of war machine was dusted down by Leonardo, who conceived of a few variations on the theme. The wheels of this horse-drawn chariot engage the scythes via gearing. As Leonardo put it, the scythes were capable of doing harm to friends and enemies alike. MACHINE FOR STORMING WALLS
Dusted off from the books of the past, this model depicts a war machine for storming walls. It is made up of a framework on wheels, fitted with an armored bridge, which leaning against the enemy walls and spanning across a moat, enables the assault troops to break into a city or a castle.
This model illustrates a machine gun made up of a set of small-calibre muzzles mounted on one single wheeled carriage. Its elevation can be adjusted by means of a screw. The fan-wise arrangement of the muzzles, giving a longer firing range and a greater precision adjustment, helps facing the enemy charges. Thanks to its modest size, this weapon can be moved fast.
This model of a machine gun consists of 33 small guns lined up in elevens, mounted on a single revolving framework. Once the first row of ammunition has been fired, the gunner can set up the second and the third rows one after the other. The muzzle-loading guns are hinged to the framework in order that they can swing upwards for loading. GIANT CROSSBOW
As an engineer and designer of offensive and defensive war machines, Leonardo did not neglect to consider traditional weapons, such as crossbows and catapults.
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