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Gaius Julius Caesar biography
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Caesar had all the acclaim he could hope for and the triumph to back it up, however, to get the position he felt his achievements deserved, he had to take his troops across the River Rubicon and in doing so declare civil war on the state and Pompey. Pompey, the person who had got Caesar to where he was, was sent to stop him but failed. General Pompey fled to Egypt while Caesar entered Rome in triumph as Dictator. The battle for Rome continued for five years of bloody fighting. He was assassinated by a group of senators, possibly in support of Pompey or possibly for some gain of their own, on the Ides of March 44 BC, below a statue of Pompey.
By the time Caesar came to Gaul, the Romans were in control of Cispine Gaul and also Narbonese Gaul in the southern most point of Gaul which was simply called the Province because it was the main province in the Roman empire after Rome itself.
The rest of Gaul was free and divided into Celtic tribes. They had many fights among themselves and except for the higher up leaders or druids, none really feared the advancing Romans. Most of the oppida, Gallic fortified town or stronghold, such as Cenabum, the main oppidum of the Carnutes, had Roman traders who now lived there. The Romans didn't use violence to take over, they just sent in the traders who settled and married and slowly they infiltrated their ideas into the society. By this stage some of the Gauls had given up worshipping their Celtic gods and had set up alters to the Roman gods.
The Aedui tribe in particular had been affected. When Caesar first came to Gaul, the country had two main tribes and all the other tribes supported one or the other. At that time, the Aedui and the Sequani were the two rival tribes. The Sequani made an alliance with some Germans and with their help defeated the Aedui tribes many time over. They killed all the nobles and took the sons of all the leading men as hostages. They made the tribe swear an oath never to plot against the Sequani. The Sequani also keep occupied a section of Aeduan land bordering their own. By doing this, they established themselves as the leading tribe in Gaul.
When Caesar heard of these developments, he returned from Rome. The hostages were returned and the former dependents of the Aedui restored. The Sequani lost their supremacy and the Remi tribe, who were also favoured by Caesar, took over their place.
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