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Gaius Julius Caesar biography
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The moral was dipping slightly although Caesar was pretty confident that the troops wouldn't desert. The weather was consistently cold and wet and both sides were apprehensive. Finally the battle began as the Gauls poured out of the oppidum. The fighting went on all night and it seemed that the Gauls were going to win. They knew the terrain and this helped as the fighting continued through the night. The Gauls also had a better supply of strong warriors. The next day, the Gauls inside Bourges tried to escape. They decide to leave quietly at night but their wives refused to be left as slaves for the Romans. As the men were about to leave, the women started shouting to the patrols and so the men abandoned their escape plan. Caesar felt the siege had to end soon or else Vercingetorix would try charge the Romans from behind. The next day it rained heavily. Caesar realised this was his chance and quickly organized his men who attacked quickly. The Gauls didn't expect it at all and panicked. Of the 40,000 people living in the oppidum, only 800 managed to escape and that was because they left at the first sound of the assault. Vercingetorix got worried there would be a mutiny and called another council meeting. He explained that the Romans only won because of superior siege skills which the Gauls didn't have. He then decided to build a fortified camp. The Attack at Gergovia
The next major battle came at Gergovia. Caesar had just cleared up a revolt among the Aedui tribe although he was still not fully able to trust them. Vercingetorix was at Gergovia long before Caesar and had set up encampments there. Caesar had sent about half his troops and was now on the way himself.
While at Gergovia and inspecting the defense works, he noticed that one hill that had been full of troops a few days ago, was now empty. After questioning some deserters and comparing with his own sources, he realised that they had moved to fortify a ridge on one side of the hill which lead almost directly to the oppidum. He began to try to arouse the Gauls suspicions by sending men around on horses and off in different directions. The Gauls got suspicious and moved even more men to build the fortifications. When he saw the enemy camps were empty, he quickly gathered his army and moved them in small groups from the larger camp to the smaller. From here, they had easy access to the encampments. He marched in and took over three easily and quickly.
Some of his men got excited with their easy victory and decided to attack the actual stronghold.
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