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Gaius Julius Caesar biography
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As they tried to climb the walls, the people inside shouted out and the men working on the fortifications came down. A very close battle ensued in which the Romans lost 700 men and would have lost more if the Aedui, with their right shoulders uncovered showing allegiance to the Romans, came down from the right. The Romans retreated quickly. The two sides met again out in open terrain later on that day and for the next few days after, for cavalry fights before Caesar finally pulled out and left to Senone territory.
The Siege at Alesia
The Aedui had finally left their alliance with the Romans and they came to Vercingetorix to arrange a joint campaign. Vercingetorix agreed until he heard the condition. The two men in charge of the Aedui wanted supreme command of the army and campaign. Vercingetorix refused and an argument followed. A general council of all Gaul was summoned for the vote. Vercingetorix was finally voted unanimously, commander-in-chief.
Near the oppidum of Alesia, a battle took place in which the Roman enlisted the help of the Germans. The Germans were fierce warriors and Vercingetorix and his troops were severely beaten. They were also severely demoralized as they depended heavily on their cavalry who were easily outmatched. Vercingetorix called a retreat and the Gauls marched to Alesia, the oppidum of the Mandubii. Caesar and his troops followed behind, often killing people at the rear as they went. After inspecting the oppidum, Caesar ordered his men to build siege works. They had only just started when a cavalry battle took place as the Gauls charged them. The fighting was hard on both sides and when Caesar saw the Romans were loosing strength, he sent in the Germans on horseback. The Germans slaughtered the Gauls, and when they retreated, the Germans followed them all the way to the fort.
The Gauls were stuck in Alesia and food and supplies were running out. A deputation was sent out to try and get a relief organized and to get supplies. While they were gone, Alesia ran out of grain and not realizing that 8,000 cavalry and 240,000 infantry were on the way from Aedui with supplies, Vercingetorix called a council to decide what to do with the situation. It was decided to stay as they felt that when the relief came, hopefully its size would scare the Romans. They also decided that all none essential people involved in the fighting would have to leave and all the Mandubii were turned out by those who let them in. When the relief finally arrived, there was great celebrations.
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