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Gaius Julius Caesar biography
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They sent out all the cavalry and started preparing their fortifications for war. Unfortunately, because of the siege, the relief couldn't reach them. A fight started at midday and lasted until sunset when Caesar again sent the Germans in. The Gauls had problems with Caesar's traps hidden in the grass. After another similarly ended battle, the Gauls got together to discuss there situation. They decided they had only one choice- to try and leave by breaking the siege. The left Alesia, throwing soil as they went to cover the goads in the ground. After a while both sides were loosing strength and stamina and the Gauls still in Alesia were giving up hope. Caesar finally personally lead an attack with fresh soldiers and the Gauls were seriously defeated. When news of Caesar's victory reached the Gallic relief, they left, fleeing for their respective villages. The next day, Vercingetorix called his last council. He told them that he had been fighting for personal gain but was fighting to keep the freedom of Gaul. Since he had to surrender, he would place himself at the mercy of Caesar and let the Romans decide what to do with him. Vercingetorix gave himself up to Caesar and the Gallic weapons were laid at his feet, before him. Gaul was no longer a free country but was under the control of Rome and Julius Caesar had got the rewards he was looking for.
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