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Abraham Lincoln Biography
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Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th February 1809 near Hodgenville in Kentucky as a son of two pioneer farmers. His exact birthplace was one small, poor, wooden hut. As you can suppose, Lincoln outlived his childhood in absolutely poverty, what later strongly exerted influence upon his political conviction. He grew up into tall and thin youth and although he had little formal education, he showed great intellectual promise.
In 1831, when he was 22, he moved to New Salem in state Illinois. Here he was studying law besides working in a shop. Three years later Lincoln was elected to state lawgiving corpse and in 1836 he gained actual law education. The story of his romance with Ann Rutledge, a local young woman whom he knew briefly before her early death is unsubstantiated. However, in 1842 he married Marry Todd, the daughter of a prominent Kentucky banker and despite her difficult dispositions, the marriage seemed to be doing well. Lincolns had four children, but three of them didn’t reach adulthood. In 1847 was Abraham Lincoln elected to Congress. He swiftly attracted attention and remained here to the year 1849. Some years later, in 1855 he ran for the US Senate, but when he saw he couldn’t win, he yielded. After three years he again aspired for senator but also without success. Although he lost the election, his debates won him national recognition.
The great break came in 1860. The Republicans nominated Lincoln for the presidency. Lincoln was for the first time elected for president. At that time he was supported only by whole less half of the country. His popularity didn’t grow up even during his presidential period. His opposition to slavery caused this; many landlords on the south of the United States were namely still slavers. Also this evoked conflict and very soon was war the North against the South broken out. This war was truly unwilling for the president, but he really wanted to realize his intentions. In 1863 he managed to abolish slavery. In 1864 Lincoln was triumphantly re-elected for president. The following year the American Civil War ended up and Lincoln was among winners. For tribute of victory they organised a theatre performance in Ford’s Theatre in Washington and Lincoln was in audience. Unfortunately, John Wilkes Booth, well-known actor who in the civil war supported states of south, came into presidential box and he shot into the president and injured him.
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