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Culture and art

This topic is about galeries, theatres, museums, cinemas, art exhibition, sights, performances, producers of art – musicians artists, paintings, sculptures

Art – is the creation of something that is aesthetically pleasing
- literature, perform art, fine art, achitecture, ceramic
Culture – is the arts and other manifestation of human intellectual achievements regarded colectiely.

Literature :

  • Novels (romány) – Da Vinci Cod
  • Short stories (poviedky) – Martin Kukučín – Rysavá jalovica
  • Biographies – about lives of famous people
  • Drama – writer Shakespeare – his plays – Romeo and Juliet
  • Poetry – E.A.Poe – The Raven

Performing arts

  • Dance – choreographer Ďurovčík
  • Opera – singer Peter Dvorský
  • Cinema – actors and actresses like Anglina Jolie and Prad Pitt
  • Teatre – Marian Labuda – he plays in Tiso
  • Ballet – ballet perform
  • Concerts – Metalica


  • is a collection of sounds.
  • It can be produced by instruments, people’s voices, nature or a combination of these things.
  • While some music sounds good to some people, ot other it might sound like an annoying noise.
  • People knew basic rhythm long before they used it to make music. First music was beating with sticks on a hollow tree trunk, later by pluching a string they produced a note.
  • One of the first instrument was oboe in Egypt, later harp in Greek
  • for many years Church was the only real source of music

Classic music:

  • = the most popular instrument was the lute – it looked like guitar, later people developed many kinds of instruments and composers composed widely music for both – orchestra and soloists
  • = famous composers were – Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Puccini

Modern Music:

  • = it has spread all over the world. Singers and musicians are the new idols of young people – they copy them in the way of their clothes, haircut.

Fine art

  • can be charakterized as a visual art which operates on surface in space
  • nowadays fine art incudes 3 main kinds - architecture, sculpture, painting
  • next 3 are – drawing, graphics, photography
  • famous painter was Pablo Picasso – representative of cubism, sculptre – Michelangelo – David

Vincent van Gogh
-= representative of impresionism
-= he was born in Holland
-= nobody has ever painted cornfields or sunflowers like he. His paintings are full of colour and sunligh.
-= when he lived he sold maybe one his painting and now they are very ixpensive
-= he started paint when he was 27
-= he was a teacher, art dealer, church preacher
-= in 1886 he left Holland and went to Paris, later he moved to warmer climate in the south of France. Here he painted his famous pictures.
-= however he was mentally ill – he attacked his friend, the artist Paul Gaugin, he cut off part of his ear
-= he was in a mental hospital, in 1890 he took a gun, went to cornfield and shot himself.
-= his last words were: The sadness will continue
-= I put my heart, my soul into my work I have lost my mind in the process.

Relationships of group in art

  • not everybody was born with that extraordinary ability either to create art or to perform it.

Three groups of people exist:

  • People who create – actors, actresses, directors, musicians
  • People who consume their work.
  • People who critise their work.


  • can feed not only the body but our mind, but it can feed the imagination

regard – považovať
certain – istý, určitý
beat – udierať
sticks – paličky
oboe – hoboj
harp – harfa
surface – plocha
beside – pri
range – vzdialenosť
extraordinary – mimoriadny
ability - schopnosť

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