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Human relations

Relationship is the way that people behave towards each other. While we can have a good or close relationship with some people, we try to be on good terms with the others for example someone we have to deal with in a business context. Relations is the official or public relationship that exist between groups of people, organizations or countries.

Social behaviour is formal, informal. Social behaviour has tended to be less formal in the USA than in Britain especially among young people.

Certain of acts of courtesy are regarded as normal for example holding the door open for someone, putting a hand over one’s mouth when we yawning. Social conventions also apply to body language. Keeping hand in pocket when is man or woman being introduced to someone is considered impolite.

We are influenced in a variety of ways by our family background, upbringing, education and social status. We have different opinions and feelings about something and they are shown in what we say and do. In England is private live very important but work is number one in American priorities.

Values are principles, standards or qualities worthwhile or desirable. Our values help us determine the way we act. Issues – problem. Values are influenced by society (friends, family, community, television or newspapers). It is important to explore and express our own values and analyze the values of others. One of the main values in conflict is value of money.

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