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Nuclear Energy
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The principle of the nuclear energy was invented by famous German scientist Albert Einstein in 1905. In his Special theory of relativity explained, that little amount of the substance can be theoretically transformed to a big amount of the energy. Nuclear disintegration (rozpad) is practical application of the Einstein’s theory and that was Enrico Fermi, who managed, for the first time, to realize it in 1934. But in a fact Fermi didn’t realize (uvedomiť) it. In the year 1939 the scientists confirmed (potvrdili) that it’s possible. This information was top secret because of coming of the W.W.II. Fermi and other scientists went to the U.S.A. On the Einstein’s urging began intensive research there, in hope that Germany don’t construct the nuclear bomb as first. First nuclear bomb was tested in the U.S. in July 1945, soon after the defeat of the Third Empire. But it was Japan, who as first and until these days the only tasted the horror of the nuclear weapons. H-Bomb was for the first time tested in 1952. First nuclear reactor, which was producing the electricity, was built in the U.S.S.R.

My opinion on the nuclear energy is, that the usage of it is not so bad way, how to gain (ziskat) electric power. I don’t think that we have to close all power stations. The worse are coal power stations, which produce toxic gases and cause the greenhouse effect. What about the weapons? Weapons are bad. The paradox is, that in the age of cold war they became the only guaranty of peace. Both, the United States and Soviet Union had so many nuclear rockets, that they realized, that the war mean the destruction of the most population of the northern hemisphere. The most difficult situation was during the Cuba crisis, when U.S.S.R. deployed (rozmiestnil) nuclear weapons on the “Isle of liberty”. The nuclear weapon was the only instrument of force, which secured the air bridge to Berlin.

The nuclear energy is very powerful and dangerous instrument but it is man, who has to decide how it will be using. It is man who has the responsibility and the finger on the red button.
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