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Global Warming
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By 2050, sea level is expected to rise 50 to 100 centimeters. The rise in sea level would result from two factors : (1) the melting of the glaciers and of the land-based Antarctic ice pack and (2) an expansion of the seas resulting from warmer temperatures.
Humans are not the only species that would suffer during global warming. Many plants and animal species will be wiped out. Others will suffer incredible declines in their populations. Others may adapt or migrate to suitable habitat.
The changes may result in a dangerous positive feedback. The oceans, for instance, are a major reservoir for carbon dioxide. Without the oceans, carbon dioxide levels in the air would be much higher than they already are. As the earth’s temperature rises, however, the ocean’s ability to dissolve and hold carbon dioxide falls. The ocean will then release much of the carbon dioxide they have been absorbing into the atmosphere, accelerating the rate of change.
Global warming is also the result of deforestation: the rapid loss of trees, especially in the tropics. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which they use to produce nutrients, woody tissue and bark. Worldwide, forests are being cut much faster than they regrow. As a result, deforestation “contributes“ about one-fourth of the annual global increase in CO2. To stave off or stop the rapid increase in global temperature will require a massive reforestation of the earth. Individuals can help by recycling, building smaller homes, and supporting reforestation projects, even landing a hand to replant clear-cut areas, roadsides, abandoned fields, and backyards.
To offset the CO2 that your lifestyle creates would require you to plant 400 trees. Obviously, this seems to be impossible for most people, other measures are needed.
Energy conservation is a good one. That means walking, bicycling, or riding a bus to school or work, building smaller, energy-efficient homes, insulating existing homes, recycling, and using efficient appliances. Using renewable resources and supporting family planning can also help.
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