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But the man certainly has the intelligence and the means to solve ecological problems and to save this planet for future generations.
In recent years many environmental organizations have been founded, some of them on international basis, such as the Green Peace. The strongest movement for protection of the environment can be observed in the most developed countries where the people can see and feel the negative consequences of civilization, too. Environmentalists point to the most serious ecological problems and try to give their warnings the greatest popularity possible through the mass media and public campaigns.
Many of their activities have been successful and the wide public attention made the governments pass various useful laws aimed at the improvement of the environment. E.g. the use of DDT was banned by law all over the world, catalytic converters and unleaded petrol in cars are compulsory in many countries, the use of phosphates in soaps is forbidden, most industrial countries have agreed to stop using ozone-destroing chemicals in aerosole sprays, smoking in public or work is restricted by law in many countries. All over the world there are clean air acts, water pollution acts and endangered species acts. Governments of all countries have ministries or departments concerned with environmental problems. Their aim is to see that the economical planning considered ecological factors.
The concern for the environment and the environmental activity should be a part of the people´s lives. Therefore there is a great need for the environmental education. Children of all ages should be taught about the man´s relationship to nature. They should be educated to a much better understanding of the fact that this planet, weather, climate, water, air, soil, people, animals, birds and plants create one ecosystem. No part can exist separately. They are all mutually dependent.The destruction of any of them can negatively influence the functioning of the whole system.
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