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Calvià, Majorca (Spain)
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1) Which is the authority responsible for preparing the Local Agenda 21?
The authority responsible for preparing the Local Agenda 21 is the Municipality of Calvià.
2) What about Calvià’s local context?
Calvià is the most important municipality in the Balearic Islands. It was built ut in the sixties, during the first international tourist boom, and experienced major demographic and economic growth. Economically speaking, Calvià is a dynamic town whose activity depends entirely on tourism. It is one of the Mediterranean’s leading tourist resorts. 3) Is tourism the main economic activity in Calvià?
Yes, Calvià depends entirely on tourism. 4) What are the main problems concerning sustainability?
Calvià saw twenty years of major growth, based on unbridled construction having no regard fot the commune’s environment and natural resources. Some of the signs of non-sustainability include:
- the carrying capacity being exceeded, with serious impacts on the coastal and marine ecosystems
- the negative impact of tourism as a monoculture on the local population’s social and cultural life, and on high season working conditions
- the negative impacts of tourism as a mono-economy: poor business enterprise, lack of diversification of facilities, seasonal pattern...
- negative impacts to an important and undervalued historical and cultural heritage
- an overdeveloped urban system (although building restrictions were introduced into Calvià’s planning regulations)
- lack of good public transportation and over-motorisation of the area
- shortage of water, excess petrol consumption and urban waste
5)What is “The Calvià Plan for Torusim Excellence”?
In the early 1990s the municipality od Calvià worked out “ The Calvià Plan for Tourism Excellence”. This plan questioned Calvià’s uncontrolled type of tourist development and opened the way for the adoption of certain important measures. But it became obvious that sectoral objectives and actions had their linitations if they were not part of an integral concept and medium- to long-term development.
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