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The U.S.A.
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The USA are situated in southern part of North America. It has borders with Canada onNorth, Mexico on South and the Confederation of Independent states in Alaska. It covers area of 9 mil. Sq. km.
Central plains are bounded by the Rocky mountains and the coastal mountains to the west, the Appalachian mountains to east and alluvial plains around the Gulf of Mexico. The highest mountain in the USA is Mount McKinley in the Alaska range which is 6,194 m high.
The longest rivers are the Missisipi and the Missouri. It is the third longest river systém in the world after the Amazon and the Nile.
The border with Canada is in its central part made by Great Lakes Region. There are the big variations of climate. Temperatures change from the arctic cold in nothern Alaska to subtropical warmth of Hawaii and the Gulf Coast States. On western coast temperature change very little between summer and winter, the north central states have different climate in summer and winter.
We can find many national parks too there, especially in the Rocky Mountains Region with beautiful and preserved nature. The most famous park is Yellowstone. The population of USA is about 242 mil people. The density is about 26 people per 1 sq. km. Around 79 percent if inhabitants live in urban areas. We speak about multicultural socity, because we can find there about 106 major ethnic group. America is sometimes called the melting point because people living here are of all possible origins and all the races can mix here together. The main language spoken here is American English, but various ethnic minorities speak their original languages, such as Chinese, Spanish and so on. American English differs form British English in vocabulary.
The head of the USA is president. USA consist of 50 federation states - 48 is on the continent. There is also one district - District of Columbia - this territory is not a state, the state capitol is situated here.
We can find many interesting places in the USA. I begin with Los Angeles. It is second large city on western coast. Here we can find the famous film center Hollywood and luxurious quarters such as Beverly Hills. Each year in April the American film Academy awards Oscars for the best film of the year. Last year our director Sverak receive this award for his film Kolya. Los Angeles is center of crime too.
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