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· the capital of England and Great Britain.
· about 9 mil. inhabitants
· about 625 square miles in area
· city of tradition, history, monuments, theatres, parks, museums
1.City centre
- Tower: fortress - royal palace - prison, now it is a museum of arms
there are also the crown jewels kept
- Tower Bridge
- St. Paul´s Cathedral, the greatest of English churches, built by Sir Christopher Wren
- Royal Palaces, Government offices
- Westminster Abbey is the centre of this area, it has been the coronation church of almost all English kings
- Palace of Westminster = Houses of Parliament. When the parliament has it´s session a flag flies at Big Ben
- Buckingham Palace - the residence of British royal family, there are the ceremonys of changing the Guard at 11.30
- the British Prime minister has his residence at 10 Downing street, the meetings of the Cabinet are held here
3.West End
- shops & entertainment, theatres, night clubs, cinemas
- China Town with many restaurantsand beautiful gateways
- Piccadilly Circus with the Statue of Eros (God of love)
- well known street as Piccadilly, Bond, Reqent´s, Oxford and the Carnaby street with shops offering the latest fashion
4.East End
- used to be a slum in the 19th century, rebuilt after II. WW
- historically associated with the Cocney dialect

Trafalgar Square
– one of the largest squares in London
- in the middle there is the statue of admiral Nelson, in the north – National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery
–Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum, Madam Tussaud´s Museum (waksworks of famous people)
The Tower Bridge (completed in 1894, 880 feet long)
- it is the most famous and distinctive bridge in London
- it towers over the river Thames, which flows from the west to the east of London and divides it in two parts
– St. Jame´s Park, Buckingham Palace Gardens, Hyde Park (Speaker´s Corner, a little lake the Serpentine), Regent´s Park, Kensington Gardens (Victorian
Gothic Albert Memorial)
- London is na important centre of transport
- the world´s first electric underground was opened here in 1890
- the London International Airport (Heathrow) in the western part

„When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.“
This quotation is very famous. It was wirtten by Samuel Johnson in 1777.
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