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Australia - Places and towns
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It is beautiful, when you can wake up and see sea from your bed. This possibility have people, who live in towns of Australia, which are on coast.
One of these is Sydney. Sydney is capital of South Wales. It is the oldest town of Australia and it is home of 4 million people. Most tourists go to this place only for modern style and skyscraper. Some don’t know, that Sydney have more recreational places and beaches. There is acquaintance opera-house and Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Second biggest town is Melbourne. The population of this city rose, when gold was found. To town went 10 000 – 20 000 emigrants. This town is capital of Viktoria. Most acquaintance Parks are Royal Park, Yarra Park and Albert Park.
Nice town, which is near river Swan is Perth. It is named after town Pertshire, which is situated in Scotland and it’s capital of West Australia. Products of territory are petroleum, metal, food, rubber things and building material.
Brisbane is capital of Queensland. There are wide streets, a lot of parks and modern buildings. It is town of fastest grooving population in Australia. People export queensland’s flesh and sugar. This harbor of river Brisbane is near Morton’s basis. Canberra, typical administration center, is capital of Australia. There residence
government and parliament. Except first settlers -English, Scots And Irishmen- live in town immigrants all over the world. Canberra hail from word kanberri, which mean in
Aborigine’s language gathering of people. In Australia is more than 500 national parks and protected territories. Some are on list
Unesco. The oldest park is Royal Park, it is second oldest park of world and it is situated near Sydney.
You can buy souvenirs almost everywhere. It isn’t hard find postcards with kangaroos, with picture of opera-house...
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