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Oficial name: ICELAND
Capital city: Reykjavík
Area: 102 000 km2
Inhabitians: 260 000 people
Currency: icelandish?krona

Iceland is island state, which is in Europe. Iceland is accessible only by the ship or the plane. Iceland is second the biggest island of Europe. On the Iceland is about one hour less because there hold lightgreenwich´s time. Iceland is called as a country of fire and ice. It is repulica, the capital city is Reykjavík and the area is one hundred two thousands km2. On this island live over two hundred thousands inhabitians. The official language is icelandisch language and there you can pay with krona. On all over the island are a lot of volcanos (for example Hekla, Askja and Hvanadalshnukur), geysers and glaciers. Mountains, on this island, are covered with snow and glaciers. The highest mountain is volcano Hvanadalshnukur (2119m.n.m).
Climate is (mild) cold but the weather is inconstant, summers are rainy and cold, winters are relative warm. There are a lot of lakes and a lot of short rivers with a much water and with waterfalls. There are a little plants, only in some places where are meadows are a lot of mosses and lichens and very low forests. Meadows servanted as a grazing land for sheep. In the past was Polar fox the typical animal on Iceland but nowdays is this island much more for economic animals. There are sheep and horses, in forests roes, but mice and rats are big problem of modern age. There are not snakes and frogs but there is about one hundred kind birds and a lot of fish (for example: codfish, flatfish and herring). Fishing is main source of food, fish are hunted in the lakes and rivers. Reykjavík is the center of business, industry, culture and education. Other towns are on the coast near the Reykjavík, they are the centers of fishing and industry. Compulsory school attendance is on the Iceland from seven to sixteen years old. On the Iceland is protestant religion, there is icelandic national cooperative of handball, who were on world championship.
Volcanic activity influenced and is influencing the Iceland country. Inhabitans apply sources of energy (wind, water atd.). Icelanders are very intelligent and live to see hight age. Icelandic business partners are countries of Europe union, USA and Japan.
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