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Central Bohemia
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The agricultural production gains from the perfect natural conditions in the south east of the region. The region excels mainly in vegetable production, growing of wheat, barley, and sugar beet, and in areas closer to Prague fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown. The fundamental industries are engineering, chemistry and food industry. Skoda Mlada Boleslav became a company of national importance. Several important companies also represent glass industry, pottery and printing in the region. The minimum share in the region belongs to textile and clothing industries. Former traditional fields as coal mining, steel industry and boot industry decline in importance.
The region’s share in the Czech GDP increased over the last several years and reached 8.9% in 1999, which placed the region on the fourth spot among other regions. When the GDP is converted to one inhabitant, then the region occupies the 11th place. The unemployment rate is lower than the average values in the Czech Republic when the long-term values are considered. There are big differences in unemployment inside the region mainly affected by the location of Prague. The highest unemployment rate is in Kutna Hora district – four-times higher than in Prague-West district. This district has the lowest unemployment rate. There are many valuable historical sights in Central Bohemia and several protected landscape areas. The highest number of sights can be found in Kutna Hora, which is on the UNESCO list of the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Among the famous strongholds are, for example, Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Cesky Sternberk, Kost and Kokorin. Among the famous castles are Konopiste, Zleby, Kacina, Lany, Nelahozeves and the castle in Melnik. The most valuable landscape area of the region is the protected landscape area CHKO Krivoklatsko, which is on the UNESCO list of biospheric reserves. Other important areas are the Kokorin region, Cesky kras, Cesky raj, and Blanik.
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