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Nedeľa, 23. januára 2022
České Budějovice
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At the west side of the square there is a blue baroque town hall with the glockenspiel, which plays every hour. On the town hall there are located four spouters – dragons – and over them there are four statues, which represent Justice, Courage, Wisdom and Caution. In the centre of the square there is a big fountain with Samson’s statue, which shows Samson as a strong hero taming the lion. The fountain had originally not only esthetical function, but it supplied the town with the water from the Vltava River. Near the fountain there is a Mazing stone, where stood a pillory. One legend says: “When you step on this stone, you will lose.” Near the square there is the most famous cathedral of České Budějovice – St. Nicholas cathedral from 13th century. In the inches above the entrance are statues of St. Wenceslas, Nicolas and Auratianus, who is since 17th century the patron saint of the city. The 4th statue symbolise the Virgin Mary. Beside this sight there is the Black Tower, that is 72m high and has got four bells: Bumering, Marta, Budvar and Passing bell. Under the tower there is a monument dedicated to Jan Valerian Jirsík, who was the bishop of České Budějovice. This is the last work of master Jan Myslbek. In Krajinská Street there are Meet Shops. In the past the building was in the middle of the square but after the visit of Charles IV they were removed to Krajinská Street, because they smelled. Now there is a famous pub. Close to the main square there is Piaristic Square where every Saturdays the markets take place. In the square there is the old Dominican monastery and the Church of the Virgin Mary’s sacrifice. To the monastery belongs so-called White Tower. Iron Maiden and Rabenštejn Tower are the parts of the fortification. Near the monastery there is the Salt store. Originally it was built as a granary, then changed into the armoury and later into a salt store, where was stored the salt from Pasov and Salzburg. On the building there is placed a frog of stone and there is the second town’s legend, which says: “If the frog jumps up, it will be the end of the world.”.
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